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Adventures in Vermont : Where is there stuff???  Share on Facebook
Posted by Aimee on 2009/2/27 20:21:43 (1099 reads)

I have a bit of a confession to make. I like "minimalist decor". You know, the whole sparse furniture thing - a bare table with a book, vase or candle on it. Like this:

Having a messy house, I will never achieve that look in the same way that I know I will never be 20 again. It just can't/won't happen. But that doesn't stop me from admiring those who can.
But for those of you who manage to live like that, tell me something.

Where is your stuff??

Seriously. Where are your books? Where are your papers? Where is your trash can? Do you have one? Is it empty? Always? How do you do that??

Clearly one that has this minimalistic thing down can not have a pet, let alone 3 hairy sheep chasing/guarding dog. They can not have children. Not one... not even a little one. And even if I managed to not have a home full of slobbering canines, I would have dust. Where is yours??
I don't get it. You must have paperwork somewhere. What do you do with those Christmas Cards you get every year? Read it and toss it?
Let's move on... Where are your plates? Silverware? Do you own a knife and a fork? Maybe chopsticks are your thing - they are kind of minimal. Where are those? This brings me to another thought.

Are all minimalist lover types skinny?

Maybe there is no food in your fridge either. I mean, if you don't eat, you have no dishes right?
Where are your dirty clothes? Do you have a laundry basket or a hamper or something? Do you stuff all your dirty clothes under your mattress ? Don't tell me you wash them the minute you take them off and hide them away in a closet I don't know about.
Do you get mail? What do you do with it? I won't believe you get your bill, run to pay it, shred the bill and hide the evidence.

I actually spent a small portion of my day pondering these things today. In fact, my dear friend Mo and I talked it over for a few minutes. She suggested they were in some kind of weird cleaning cult. My thought is that if this is the case, I am going to join, have a whole bunch of skinny, minimalists with cleansers come over to my house, initiate me by helping me throw out all my trash (and remove the herd of dust buffalo from my house) and then I will announce that this cult is not for me and quit.

I am more inclined to think they have second apartment somewhere... and it's messier than my house. Or they have a ridiculously cluttered storage space.

Thinking about how differently I live from these "clean and neat folk", I wonder how they manage to keep their spouse's manga collection off the bathroom counter. How would I ever keep my ever growing collection of bathroom "stuff" (Lush, Skindecent, CocoaPink) from spilling out from my hallway closet, medicine cabinet, shower, etc? I have a broom, a mop... even a rusted on the inside vacuum cleaner. But you never see one in one of those minimalist homes, do you. I bet you don't even have little chunks of toothpaste in your bathroom sink. How is that possible??

I need to be enlightened. Someone needs to explain to me how you can maintain that look for more than the twelve seconds it would take for my Great Pyrenees to leave a fistful of her fur on the floor.

Adventures in Vermont : Oil Stuck.  Share on Facebook
Posted by Aimee on 2009/2/24 9:18:07 (989 reads)

Over the weekend, we here in Vermont had a big snowstorm. You probably didn't hear about it because nobody actually reports a storm in Vermont, it's like reporting on the sunny weather in Los Angeles. Anyway, having put in a call for an oil refill last week, I anticipated the arrival of our local oil delivery truck and subsequently, made sure our driveway was plowed. As I am working away upstairs, my faithful border collie dreaming of herding cockatiels (this is her new pastime. She is elderly and while she used to spend hours outside in subzero weather staring at the goats, she can't tolerate the cold for nearly as long now so she has transferred her passion for hoofstock into a new love of featherstock), I hear the sound of the oil truck and go down to collect my oil bill.
And there is the oil truck. Perpendicular in my driveway, cozily wedged between the newspaper delivery box and a light post, stuck in a snow bank. Yes... he had chains on his truck.
Watching him attempt to reposition the truck proves fruitless... well, I wasn't going to help by watching but you know what I mean, and he calls the oil company for assistance. Five minutes later, there is a second oil truck in my driveway, a company van at the bottom of my driveway and 5 guys standing around scratching their heads. Eventually, the second truck is chained to the first truck and well...

The newspaper box did not survive.

Eventually I got my oil refill.

Layla slept through the whole thing.

In other news, this past week, my newest Lush goody arrived, compliments of a gift certificate from one of my clients. Honeywood! is a limited addition shower gel with an incredible honey, toffee smell. I added it to my bathroom stash (which isn't all of my Lush goodies but is what I keep readily available to my bathroom. The rest is in the hallway closet. Yes... there really is more).

With another gift certificate, I also ordered from
Skindecent and am looking forward to trying their products when they are arrive.

That's it for now. Someone was kind enough to share their stomach flu with me and I'm not feeling great so I will post tomorrow on the new eating well plan...

Adventures in Vermont : Did the Prez visit ThisMessyHouse.Com?  Share on Facebook
Posted by Aimee on 2009/2/11 13:43:57 (1016 reads)

Two mornings ago I was checking out the stat counter attached to thismessyhouse.com and noticed a hit from:

Country: United States
Region: Indiana
City: Elkhart
9th February 2009 10:42:22

Not knowing anyone from Elkhart I figured it was a random visitor to thismessyhouse.com. But then... as I was checking the news on CNN.com as I so frequently do, I noticed this:

Coincidence? Could the president be reading thismessyhouse.com on his super high tech security Barackberry while between gigs?
Probably not. But it's fun to think he might... Maybe he's looking for tips on how to make the White House really cluttered. Maybe he wants to buy a pony. Maybe he's showing his girls how their rooms should NOT look.

It is 48 degrees outside right now and this is mid-February. 48. In February. In Vermont. It's so unlikely, it might as well be 80 out there. The melting snow is literally pouring off of the roof and I can see the pavement on my driveway. It's not ice covered. It is almost making me believe spring is around the corner.

I'm keeping this brief - the Excedrin hasn't kicked in yet.

Adventures in Vermont : What I don't need...  Share on Facebook
Posted by Aimee on 2009/1/22 10:10:00 (1628 reads)

Everyone has bad days. Yesterday was one of mine.
I started out with a dentist appointment. I have lousy teeth, a not so treasured gift I inherited from my father's half of the family. To boost the overall well-being of those teeth, I need to have good oral care and I do. And I, like most tooth bearing animals. don't like visiting the dentist. So I brush and I floss but admittedly am bad about keeping those dreaded appointments. As a result, in the last two months, I have needed to fill 4 cavities, have a root canal that now needs a crown (sounds regal but isn't really) and had a laughably broken tooth extracted (so badly broken it came out in two pieces). So yesterday when I finally went in for the long put off cleaning, I was shocked by the need for a nearly 90 minute appointment. My teeth are clean but Nicole, my friendly hygienist told me I will probably need a gum graft in the future. Oh yeah... and she found another cavity.

A gum graft. Let's think about that, shall we? What is a gum graft anyway?

Oh god. I didn't really want to know the answer to that, do I? I discovered the last time I looked up a dental procedure (how to put in a crown) that I really, really don't enjoy looking at teeth mid-dental procedure and I should do so on an empty stomach.

Apparently they take a piece of tissue from the roof of your mouth and using adhesive or stitches, they attach it to where you need more gums. Now, when Nicole explains this to me, she says the procedure doesn't hurt because of the anesthetic and when the anesthetic wears off, if feels like a "pizza burn". Okay... I have no idea what a pizza burn is. Have I burned myself with a pizza? Not regularly but I am sure I have at some point. But the odd part was how, when I am later explaining this unpleasant sounding procedure to my husband, he shouts out "Pizza burn!!". Huh? How does he know that?? (I had to have him explain to me what a pizza burn was. I didn't want to ask Nicole and risk sounding like an imbecile.) So great. I have stitches and pizza burn to look forward to. Fab.

So I get home to some phone calls from some hypersensitive clients who need to talk to me right away. I take care of that. Leave to pick up my child at the bus stop and find the bus already waiting for me even though I am ten minutes early. It would be nice if the transportation office informed me there was a change in schedule, don't you think?

And as I am driving back down the hill and past our pasture, I see part of my fence, the part against the road, has been taken out and my ponies simply need to step over a few buried in snow rails and they are free to explore the town of Barre. Upon closer inspection, we still can't tell exactly what happened to the fence but my bet is that an over enthusiastic plow truck came, knocked out three posts and continued on his merry way. Great. Any idea how fun it is to try to fix a fence that is buried in 3-4 feet of plowed up snow? Me either. We can't fix it. The snow is frozen in place and we would need a pick axe to get to it. We made sure we have an electric strand in place but we won't be able to address it in earnest until late April or May when the snow piles start to melt. I hope my ponies don't get too testy on that fence.

Oh... and then I lost a goat. My little Gimpy who was born last February. I found her in the field dead. ABSOLUTELY NO IDEA what killed her. There were no obvious injuries and I really can't afford an necropsy at this juncture. So... I need to bring her to a local cow farm that has a hefty compost pile. The ground is covered by 2 feet of snow and is frozen solid to about 4 feet down. They don't bury people in Vermont this time of year (they keep them in cold storage) let alone goats. I am very saddened by all this.

Have I mentioned how excited I am about the impending thirty below weather this weekend?

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Adventures in Vermont : Colder than the South Pole.  Share on Facebook
Posted by Aimee on 2009/1/19 13:58:19 (1009 reads)

Last week, we (as in most of the U.S.), were subjected the thrilling and chilling weather phenomenon referred to as an "Arctic Blast". This is when it gets so cold out, you can actually hammer a nail with a frozen banana. Not wanting to waste one of my daughter's precious snacktime bananas on this experiment, I am going to take their word for it but nevertheless, it was really, really cold. Colder, in fact, that it was on that very day at the South Pole!

Cold enough that my car refused to start and my daughter had a "too cold to get to the bus stop day". And before you think they canceled school due to the cold, think again. This is Vermont. We don't cancel school because it's a bit nippy out. (It was -18F at the South Pole).

Saturday started out with my laying in bed pondering which Lush product I should take into the shower with me to start my day. I got out of bed, let the dogs out, attempted to take my bathrobe off and I heard a snap and a pop. (Crackle was off on Saturday). Suddenly, I am barely able to move and I managed to bring 2 of our three dogs back into the house (the third, Suzy, was tangled up around the tree she so dearly loves to run around) and climb back into bed, whimpering to hubby. I have NO idea what I did to myself but three vicodin, two flexeril and innumerable peanut butter M&Ms later, I am feeling better and can now drink without needing to roll on to my right side and drink out of a straw. Thank you, hubby for caring for your temporarily immobile wife!
Tomorrow is Inauguration Day and I am keeping my daughter home for a field trip to our living room to watch the festivities. Normally, I don't think this is a day the kids should stay home from school but this is truly historic, so we are going to sit home and watch history be made. In the meantime, I am going to clean the ferret cage (YUCK), ponder how many guinea fowl eggs I want to buy this spring (we have 6 now but I want some additional color) and should I buy one or two pear trees to replace one of the dead apple trees that came down this winter...

More pics to come!

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