Adventures in Vermont : It's Not Where I've Been but What I've Learned.
Posted by Aimee on 2011/11/15 13:20:00 (2578 reads)

Yeah I've been gone a good long while but like "the dog ate my homework", I've got a good excuse.

I had a job.

The kind with a time clock.

It also had no benefits; a moody pregnant chain smoking boss; a radio that droned out the Rush Limbaugh Show Brought to You by Oxicontin; homophobic men who labeled everyone a "pickle puffer"; a friendly Golden Retriever; the occasional visiting DMV officer with a sidearm; plenty of cloak; even more dagger (mostly in the back) and all behind the guise of a "Friendly Family Owned Business".


I did say "had." I guess they discovered I didn't really like Rush.

So why am I here, blogging, anyway? I mean, don't I have anything else to do?

Of course I do. I had to get my oil changed on Scott...aka the big red truck.

We purchased Scott back in October of 2010 from Capital City Auto Mart. Complete with plow, we now had the freedom to fire our plow guy who often made his appearance after the snow had stopped and in his last visit, gave me the "economy" plow of going up my driveway once, in a straight line and backing down by driveway before driving away. He didn't plow the parking area, he didn't plow the fork at the bottom of the drive and he couldn't have been here more for than 30 seconds. For his cameo appearance, he earned $30. $1 = 1 second. Nice work if you can get it. I had to deal with the hormonal boss...
Anyway, with plow means no more relying on Mr. Unreliable so we figure we are ahead of the game.

Back to my oil change.
I had a 9am appointment. Scott's going to have a state inspection, an oil change and his tires rotated. I've figuring 45-60 minutes.
I plopped myself down on the black leather couch next to the water cooler and from this vantage point I can see my vehicle, the sales and administrative staff and the other waiting customers.
9:30 and someone grabs my truck and brings it into the shop.
10:00 and the smiling service guy comes to tell me I need new tires that will run me between $550 - $850. Oh, and I need new brakes and rotors. $450.

How convenient is this? I think the money tree in my backyard is just about to have a bumper harvest this year.

That's sarcasm, in case you missed it.

10:30. "Hey, did you know that there is something wrong with the wiring in your left headlamp?"

10:45: Why can't I toss one of these damn Angry Birds at a service mechanic?

11:00. "When we drove it off the lift, it started squeaking. We're going to check that out..."

11:15. Begin the Montpelier Vermont chapter of Occupy Capital City Auto Mart's Service Department. I will be accepting donations of cash, food and a tent.

11:30. Hey... here's your bill! $100 with a bunch of discounts, who the heck knows why...
"Can we schedule your service now? 'Tis the season for tire changes!"

Seriously. The fruit on that there money tree is a bit under-ripe.

I was there two and a half hours. Long enough to fly from NY to Miami. To listen to "Alice's Restaurant". Certainly to read every story on the ABCNews App on my iPhone (I did.) I'm pretty sure it was long enough for them to negotiate the price of my oil from OPEC, drill for the oil in Saudi Arabia themselves, bring it back and put it in my car. WTF?

Okay... I'm off to see if that was the Fed Ex guy or if it's just the big white dog barking her head off...

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