Adventures in Vermont : My Reality
Posted by Aimee on 2010/10/7 16:10:00 (2788 reads)

My reality is time is something I don't have any more. From the time I took that pic of the spruce until now, I have delivered 4 lambs, 3 goat kids, raise a flock of Chantecler chickens, lost my beloved collie Allie, adopted a new collie, cleaned up a lot of puppy poop and a million other things. I've always thought this household was ripe for it's own reality show but alas, it's not me they want.

My mom is auditioning for a reality show. "Forever Young" is going to pair up seniors with "juniors" and let them discover how different they are and what they have in common. My mom would be absolutely perfect for the role but we haven't heard back from the casting director ever since they begged for a video.

Now, the video isn't the best quality... It was my first attempt at editing a video so it's really amateurish. I promise it will eventually get better. Just to share with you this video, I'm going to put it up. If you like it, please give her a little boost by joining, friending, "liking" or rating her video. And if you know Ashton Kutcher, he's an executive producer of this show, send him a link the video.

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